2017-2018 Show Awards

  • Abbie McIntosh: SEJC 1st Place, Best TV Hard News Reporter
  • ​Matthew Hendey: SEJC 3rd Place, On-Site TV Anchoring
  • Madison Scarpino: National Hearst Journalism Contest 12th Place, News Package
  • ​Skye Spiehler and Brianna Florez: SPJ Regional Finalist, In-Depth TV Reporting
  • Skye Spiehler: AP Regional 2nd Place, News Story
  • Brittany Brown: AP Regional 3rd Place News Story
  • ​Matthew Hendley: AP Regional 1st Place, TV Reporting
  • Madison Scarpino: SEJC 1st Place, TV Anchoring
  • Lydazja Turner and Matthew Hendley: SEJC 3rd Place, TV Reporting
  • ​Skye Spiehler: SEJC 2nd Place, Best TV Journalist
  • Camryn Sidley: SEJC 3rd Place, Best TV News Reporter

Other Awards

2018-2019 Show Awards



NewsWatch competes annually in the Southeast Journalism Conference against other collegiate journalism students in the Southeastern United States. NewsWatch has also competed in the Associated Press Regional competition, the Hearst Journalism Contest, and the Society of Professional Journalists Contest. The Hearst and SPJ Contests have regional competitions whose leaders then compete on the national level. The Hearst and SPJ Contests are important and prestigious competitions for journalism students across the nation. 

NewsWatch as a whole and our reporters have earned many awards across the years. Here are the more recent award winers: 

  • SEJC 3rd Place: Best College TV Station
  • ​SEJC 5th Place: Best College News Video Program
  • ​2015 SEJC 3rd Place: Best College Video News Program
  • 2014 SEJC 3rd Place: Best College Video News Program
  • 2014 SEJC 2nd Place: Best Television Station​
  • 2015 Mississippi AP Broadcasters Association:  Best College TV Newscast  (4th year in a row) 
  • National Broadcast Education Association Honorable Mention for TV airing 4-5 days per week

2019-2020 Individual Awards



2018-2019 Individual Awards

  • Madison Scarpino: SEJC 1st Place, Best TV Hard News Reporter
  • Matthew Hendley: SEJC 1st Place, On-Site TV Anchoring
  • Abby McIntosh and Madison Scarpino: SEJC 2nd Place, On-Site TV Reporting  

2017-2018 Individual Awards

  • Sudu Upadhyay: SEJC 2015 1st Place, Television Journalist in the South
  • Sudu Upadhyay & Gabriel Austin: SEJC 2015 1st Place, On Site TV Reporting​​
  • Browning Stubbs: SEJC 2015 6th Place, Best Multimedia Journalist​​
  • Sudu Upadhyay and Brittany Clark : Mississippi AP Broadcasters Association: Best College Sportscast​e.

2019-2020 Show Awards


  • SPJ Regional Runner Up: Best All Around Newscast
  • ​AP Regional 3rd Place: Newscast