By: Cearra Moore, Social Media Producer

November 8, 2021

UNIVERSITY, MISS. — Tuesday night at the Ford Center, David Magee celebrated the national launch of his book, Dear William. A book about substance abuse and overcoming addiction sponsored by the Ole Miss Women’s Council. 

The event served as a celebration to this father’s memoir as well as to fuel discussion on addiction and recovery. Ole Miss alum and son of David Magee, William Magee, died from an accidental drug overdose eight years ago. 

“Our whole family was shattered by addiction,” says Magee. “And that’s really what the book is about. I had my own journey. We nearly lost another son who was found dead at a fraternity house who miraculously came back to life and is now nine years sober.”

 At the same time, the Magee family daughter was deeply involved with an eating disorder. 

“Our family was shattered and falling apart,” says Magee.

Following the introduction of his ceremony, Magee was joined on stage by family members who shared their personal stories of addiction, recovery, and loss of loved ones. 

“Putting it out there just makes so many other people comfortable,” says David Magee's son Hudson Magee. “It makes them realize that they are not the only ones in that position.”

The Ole Miss Women’s council also had Charles Kelly to perform alongside the influential story of Dear William. 

David Magee’s book is now available for purchase everywhere.

This story was originally reported by NewsWatch correspondent Anna Caroline Barker. 

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