This story was originally reported by NewsWatch correspondent Olivia Wright

By: Mackenzie Taylor

Social Media Producer 

8 February 2022

Yesterday the 2022 Honors Spring Convocation took place at The Ford Center. Honors college students presented and shared their thesis with the public at this event.

Most of these students have had their thesis declared since their junior year and have been working on it for the last year and a half. They have used this past summer and fall to conduct their research.

Honors college student, Grace Dragmill shared her presentation which focused on breastfeeding rates among low-income women in Mississippi. 

“Through my research, I discovered that Mississippi has the lowest breastfeeding rates,” Dragmill said. 

Students Matt Neir and Rabria Moore were awarded The Barksdale Award for their incredible achievements. 

Dr.Mireya Mayor was the keynote speaker for this event. She shared with the audience about her fascinating life journey from being an NFL cheerleader to becoming a National Geographic correspondent. 

Dr. Mayors' biggest accomplishment was that she discovered a new primate species in the heart of Madagascar. 

“At one point we ran out of food and there was a famine, it was incredibly difficult to keep the team motivated and keep going,” Mayors said, “And then one day we finally caught a glimpse of one and caught the first picture ever taken of that animal.” 

Mayor ended her speech to the students, with her influential life story as the first female Hispanic national geographic correspondent. 

The overall event ended up being a huge success and The Honors College student's research did not disappoint. Congratulations to all The Students who presented their thesis yesterday.

Honors College Spring

2022  Convocation Takes Place