This story was Originally reported by: Anna Caroline Barker

Just last week former Miss USA Chesley Christ tragically ended her life, moments after saying goodbye to her followers in an emotional Instagram post. 

Ole Miss Alum and former Miss USA 2021, Asia Branch, was crowned by Christ and formed a personal relationship with her. 

“She and I both talked about getting messages from people telling us we are ugly and terrible titleholders and we need to kill ourselves and all those different things,” Branch said.

According to the CDC, 1 million people on average kill themselves every year. This goes to show that mental health is something that affects nearly everyone. Even the people you might least expect. 

“I feel like because social media shows the highs of people's lives and does not typically highlight the lows or just the average moments in someone's life, it makes it hard to feel like you're ok”, Branch said. 

On-campus is a mental health organization aimed at reducing the shame and stigma on mental health. 

Active minds Ole Miss provides events and programs spreading awareness of mental health, letting them know they aren't alone.

Mental Health Matters

By: Mackenzie Taylor

Social Media Producer

11 February 2022