Campus Mask Policy Now Updated

This story was originally reported by NewsWatch Reporter AC Barker

By: Mackenzie Taylor

News Watch Social Media Producer

​February 22 2022 

As of February 14th, the university now requires face masks only in instructional classrooms and health care centers regardless of vaccination status.

“I think the university is doing a great job keeping our health a priority first but I will be glad when we don’t have to wear these anymore,” Kaitlyn Tidwell said.

Face coverings will not be required in other public spaces such as residence halls, libraries, dining facilities, the student union, campus recreation facilities, and offices or conference rooms.

“I think they should get rid of them. If they don't require them in the union they shouldn't require them at all or even other public spaces. So I don’t understand why we have to have them if we are sitting and sitting far apart,” Kora Wagner said. 

Chancellor Glenn Boyce said members of the university should remain supportive of those who still decide to mask up and allow faculty and staff to require face-covering in their private office area.

“If I look at class sampling size today, half my students are sick, not saying that's a correlation but that might cause us to rethink a few things,” Professor Michael Fagan said. 

Face coverings will still be provided for requesting departments.