The University of Mississippi Associated Student Body Spring election results are in. Your 2022 ASB Executive Officer Candidates consist of:

Lila Osman, President

Alex Nabors, VP

Kinsey Carlson, Attorney General 

Maddy Ryan, Attorney General

Kaylynn Steen, Secretary 

Emily Hawes, Treasurer 

Preston Antes, Judicial Chair 

While, your 2022 ASB Senate Candidates consist of:

Steven Young

Byron Swetman

Mary Cecile Hancock

Mason Greenwald

Anastasia Jones-Burdick

Clinton Jones IV

Taylor Kelly

McKenzie Perkins

Hannah Watts

Rachel Ricketts

Olivia Marque

Lorne Turner

Ben Murphey

Jacks Mitchell

Truman Southern

Ash Pepper

Ty Wetherfell

Sara Cantu 

Adam Soltani

Karthik Abburi

Rohit Alluri

Seth Cook 

Wade Roberts

Reese Anderson

Helen Phillips

Caroline Brock

Anna Skidmore

Jackson Scruggs

Kam Holt

Kate Wall

Ben Oliver

Hayden Pierce

Caleb Ball

Colton Jones

Ethan Robertson

Lauren Austin

Anna Kate Herring

For more information, visit Ole Miss ASB Instagram page or website via

Ole Miss ASB 2022 Election Results

By: Cearra Moore, Social Media Producer
​March 8, 2022