By: Mackenzie Taylor

Social Media Producer

18 April 2022

Spotlight on : The Ole Miss Twirlers

The Ole Miss twirlers are members of the pride of the south that perform for football, basketball and compete in competitions.

“My favorite part is the grove, the cheerleaders and the Rebelettes and the band perform in the grove show and it's so much fun,” Twirler, Mackenzie Cooke said. “We clap, we look around and the crowd goes wild every time the band plays really really loud music”.

This year the twirlers got the opportunity to twirl fire on the field for the first time in the Ole Miss stadium. 

“This is one of the things we just got this year, I have wanted to do it since my freshman year and we just introduced it this year, so we were the first twirlers to get to do this in the stadium. We actually were in contact with the band director and one of the advisors under athletics was able to get it pushed through,” Twirler Sydney Spencer said.

Spencer said they ran many test runs through various people to make sure it was 100% safe and eventually they were given permission to do it for this past football season.

“It was so fun, I had the best time,” Spencer said.

This story was originally reported by NewsWatch reporter Phoebe Cramer