The Oxford Film Festival is back for its nineteenth year. Although, many people do not realize the esteem this festival holds for filmmakers and viewers alike. 

“The Oxford film festival is one of the most respected regional film festivals on the circuit of the united states” Filmmaker and Publicist for OFF, John Wildman said.

Wildman says that this festival has become a cultural oasis for the state of Mississippi and has left people with a different perception of the south.

“It really has become a destination film festival because on the circuit it's looked upon as one of those fests you just do not wanna miss,” Wildman said.

This festival which will be held at the Malcolm movie theater will feature a variety of films with genres rangings from women's rights to filmmakers with disabilities and more.

“This film festival really has become a leader and in a lot of ways has kind of become a touchstone for the rest of the country to look at in terms of what artistic merit the entire state has,” Wildman said. 

Although the festival has a heavy local influence, people come from all over to experience it again and again.

“Once someone comes to Oxford Film Festival for the first time they are always gonna come back the next year,” Wildman said.

The festival will showcase 118 films from 18 different countries and over fifty filmmakers will be at the festival to talk with viewers and answer questions. 

By:Mackenzie Taylor

Social Media Producer

27 March 2022

This story was originally reported by: Sarah Gail Myers

Oxford Film Festival is back