Oxford Police Department to Implement  CAP Program 

By: Mackenzie Taylor, Social Media Producer

November 11, 2021

This story was originally reported by NewsWatch correspondent Sarah Gail Myers .

OXFORD, Miss, -- Since August special events have been happening at full capacity in Oxford. Things like football games, concerts and other events are constantly being hosted every weekend in Oxford.

Although, due to the largely sized crowds these events bring in, The Oxford Police Department has been asking for help outside its normal staff.

“Now that we are getting back to being fully open, a lot of the things that are normal patrol we are not able to adequately staff,” said Cap Administrator Matt Davis.

The police responded to this issue by creating CAP, which stands for Citizens assisting police.

“CAP is a volunteer unit used to fill the gaps that can’t be filled by regular police staff,” said Davis.

These volunteers are used specifically for events that haven’t happened in over a year due to COVID restrictions.

The police department said one of their main priorities within the CAP program is to remain cautious on what type of environments they put their volunteers in. Due to this, they did not use CAP nearly as much the past year due to Covid-19.

“This program can help older volunteers stay involved in the community as well as help younger people get their foot in the door at the police department,” Davis said.

This program is a good way for people who are wanting to become a police officer, to get a heads up about what the job entails.

Davis said that programs like this really help to show citizens all different aspects of a police department. “This program really shows people the heart of OPD,” says Davis. 

In the short time, the volunteer job has been posted, there have already been more than 20 people interested in this opportunity. 

For more information regarding this opportunity check out the OPD website and social media accounts.