Protest Over Vaccine Mandate

By: Alex Barfield, Promotions Director

November 11, 2021

OXFORD, Miss, -- Protesters gathered on the Ole Miss campus to protest the COVID-19 vaccine mandates and University COVID-19 policies. 

Protesters walked from the Walk of Champions to the steps of the Lyceum holding signs and chanting. The protest was organized by Damien Harbin who says he has reached out to Chancellor Glenn Boyce to discuss COVID-19 policies and has not gotten a response. 

Harbin himself is vaccinated, but doesn’t think it should be mandated. “It should be a choice between you and your personal doctor,” he said. 

The University of Mississippi is required by a recent Executive Order to have fully vaccinated employees. This is because the University is considered a government contractor and receives $91 million of federal funding. 

University employees are required to be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8 with a leeway period of “education” for unvaccinated employees until Jan. 3. Employees can find more information about submitting their vaccination records or exemptions at

This story was originally reported by Executive Producer Justin Claas.