This story was originally reported by NewsWatch reporter: Anna Caroline Barker

Double Decker 2022 recap

By: Mackenzie Taylor

Social Media Producer

27 April 2022

Double Decker 2022 was a success after a long awaited return this weekend. It featured musical performances from bands like happy landing and the revivalist, as well as various artists showcasing their hard work.  Needless to say there was something for everyone there this weekend. 

“I’ve been doing glass for about thirty years. I took stained glass in college as a joke and ended up falling in love with it,” Brian Maness said. 

Maness was one of the many artists on the square this weekend, although different from using paint and a canvas to create his art, he uses stained glass. A long and tedious process with beautiful results. 

“Okay so this is a fused glass piece. I fuse everything and melt the pieces of  glass together flat, and then I slump it,” Maness said. “So each one of these pieces is about 27 hours of work.”

“The traditional windows take about 24 hours to make,” Maness said.

To see more glass pieces, make sure to check out Midtown glass works on facebook